Our Products

  • Blue line White/Black/Gray Cloth coated
  • Red line White/Black /Gray Cloth coated
  • Orange line White/Black/Gray Cloth coated
  • Drill canvas White/Black/Gray Cloth coated
  • Crimmping White/Black/Gray Soft Cloth Coated
  • Crimmping White/Black/Gray Stiff Cloth coated
  • Any FOAMS/EVA sheets/Needle Punch
  • Non Woven P.P 20-250Gsm (Any Color)
  • Release Paper/ Embroidery Non Woven Paper
  • Polyamide Dot Coating for Oil Leather
  • LDPE Micro Dot
  • Water Proof Fabric
  • Starch Processing in Fabric
  • Rolling work
  • Ironing/ Stream & Water Spray Processing (For Roll from/ Pin Fold not for pant/ Shirt)
  • Cotton Shoe Bag
  • Insole Hard Board
  • Cotton Tape or Gum Tape
  • Insole soft lamination with latex foam with any fabric
  • Non woven paste coating with big dot & Small dot

New Development

  • Blue line White/Black/Gray Cloth coated
  • Soft Micro Dot Coating in EVA 2016 (Patent Applied in India for Soft Micro Dot coating)
  • Layer Coating in 2016 (To Avoid Open threads after Dye Cutting)
  • Semi-Micro dot coating in 2015 (Patent Applied in India for Semi Micro Dot coating)
  • Chocks micro dot coating in 2015 (Patent Applied in India for Chocks Micro Dot coating)
  • We are one of the most pioneer names in the industry engaged in manufacturing and supplying wide range of cotton coated fabric in both EVA and Self       adhesive.

Test Conducted: as per the request of the Applicant

Bond Strength property for fusing cloth.

Trouble Shooting for Gray fabrics. 100% warp & 100% weft

EVA Powder T1

Heavy Metals (Sb, As, Pb, Cd, Cr, (Cr6+) Co, Cu, Ni, Hg)

Chlorinated Phenols Phthalates (PCP, Tecp, Opp.)

Organic Tin Compounds (TBT, TPHT,DBT,DOT)

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH)

Polyamide Powder Technical Report

Starch Chemicals Test Certificate

In Adhesive Certify which do not contain sodium phenate chloro phenate

Test conducted in Cotton H/W Cloth Coated

Disperse Dye Test

Formal Dehyde

AZO Dyes

PCP, TECP / Tricp


Carcinogenic Dyes



Our materials Used in leather Goods Like leather shoes, leather bags, hand bags, wallets, and jackets.

Our materials are used by Ironing Machine or Heat Fusing Machine.

Outer surface Temperature for fusing Soft Micro Dot (Deg C) :65 - 70 ° C
Pressure: 3 – 4 (Bar)
Fusing Time: 8 – 10 (Seconds)

Our materials Used in leather Goods Like leather shoes, leather bags, hand bags, wallets, and jackets.

Our materials are used by Ironing Machine or Heat Fusing Machine.

Fusing Temperature for EVA :80 - 90 ° C (Deg ° C)
Pressure: 3 – 4 (Bar)
Fusing Time: 10 – 12 (Seconds)

MICRODOT (LDPE) materials used in, Collars, Shirt, Interlining Jackets, Hate, Packet Lining, Textile Garments & Other readymade garments.

Our materials used by ironing Machine or heat fusing machine.

Fusing Temperature for LDPE:120 - 140 ° C (Deg ° C)
Pressure: 4 – 5 (Bar)
Fusing Time: 15 – 20 (Seconds)
Outer Surface Temperature for fusing Polyester/ Nylon/ Non woven P.P/Kimlon (Deg ° C): 55 - 60 ° C (Deg ° C)
Pressure: 3 – 4 (Bar)
Fusing Time: 8 – 10 (Seconds)


In roll fusing machine thick fabric 5 to 6mtrs, and low GSM fabrics 8 to 10mtrs. (For soft micro dot coating)

100% Cotton Fabric, Canvas Drill, Natural Gray, Brushing or Rayzing for bag and shoes material.

Adhesive or Glue materials are used by (Just Remove The Paper Paste) or Pressing Machine. Note: (Not for heating purpose.)

Adhesive/Glue coating material used in leather shoe, leather bags, hand bags, wallet, and leather goods industries.

Double side coating item used by release paper

Bonding Strength, N/MM is 0.61 according to CLR test report


Easy to stitch & Fuse

No Harm to Human Body and Non-Poisonous

Color Fastness

Can be converted to any shape with anti-pull, anti-tear

Color choice available in all practically possible colors.

Our total number of customers in Tami Nadu

There are 25 exporters

29 customers are traders

12 customers in textile garments

12 customers in leather goods

Our customer in other metro city like Delhi, Agra, Kanpur and Kolkata. At RBS INTERLINING CLOTH, We believe that the greatest level of customer satisfaction is the only guaranteed way for the company’s growth and success. Our policies are completely aligned to ensure consistent quality and timely delivering of finished products through the optimized production cycle. We are committed to continuously improve the process and invest

In advanced technologies intend to achieve the excellent quality product at competitive price. 100% Original quality on cotton fabric in EVA. We ever offer free technical support to all our customers. Call on our CUSTOMER SERVICE PHONE NO at the address overleaf.